Welcome to supracatalysis website!

Matthieu Raynal group aims at developping supramolecular assemblies with innovative functions, currently applied in the domain of homogeneous catalysis.

24/11/2017 – Laurent Bouteiller delivered a talk “Polymères Supramoléculaires et Catalyse” for the National Meeting of the French Group for the Study and Applications of Polymers (GFP) in Paris.

27/10/2017 – Matthieu delivered an invited talk “Supramolecular chiral polymer assemblies as a scaffold for asymmetric catalysis” in the framework of the general local  SCF meeting. Very warm welcome by Fabienne Grellepois, Emmanuel Riguet and Jean-Bernard Behr! Thank you very much!

6/10/2017 – Matthieu was invited by Guillaume Prestat to give an oral presentation “Supramolecular chiral polymer assemblies
as a scaffold for asymmetric catalysis”  in the framework of chemistry conferences which regularly took place at University Paris Descartes.

3/10/2017 – Matthieu gave an invited oral presentation “Dynamic Asymmetric Catalysts built on Supramolecular Polymer Assemblies” as a part of the “Chirality, supramolecular chemistry and catalysis” thematic day of the GDR Chirafun  hold in Strasbourg. Prestigious lecturers: Prof. Mishinori Suginome, Prof. Dr. Lutz H. Gade and Dr. Reiko Oda.

2/10/2017 – We are pleased to welcome Quentin Sallembien as a phD student in the group!

27/09/2017 – Matthieu received his CNRS Bronze medal during a ceremony organized at auditorium Marie Curie – Campus Gérard Mégie – Paris. Very nice moment with all the Medalists being interviewed by a professional journalist.

20/09/2017 – Our paper in Angewandte Chemie has been highlighted in Chemistry World!

13/09/2017 – The work by Jeremy, Xavier and Yan has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie: DOI: 10.1002/anie.201706757. Congrats!

11/07/2017 – Matthieu was invited to give a lecture “Supramolecular chiral polymer assemblies as a scaffold for asymmetric catalysis” during the “Suspol Summer School” in Bordeaux.  SUSPOL is an ITN project supervised by Pr. Daniel TATON.

10/07/2017 – Xavier Caumes presented a poster “Real-time control of the enantioselectivity of a supramolecular catalyst” at EuCOMC 2017 – Amsterdam (Netherlands).

6/07/2017 – Laurent Bouteiller was invited to give a lecture “Supramolecular polymers as tunable and responsive platforms for catalysis” at the “Chemistry for the future” conference hod in Pisa (Italy).

12/06/2017 – Yan Li presented a poster ” Real-time Control of the Enantioselectivity of a Supramolecular Catalyst for Directing the Configuration of Consecutively Formed Stereogenic Centres” at CD 2017 – Rennes (France).

15/05/2017 – Claire Trouffard presented a poster “Optimisation de la nature et de la stabilité des auto-assemblages formés par les benzène-1,3,5-tricarboxamides : le rôle crucial des substituants” au GERM 2017 – Aussois (France).

4/02/2017 – Matthieu was very pleased and honoured to be awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal which “recognizes a researcher’s first work, which makes that person a specialist with talent in a particular field.” This medal is a way for the CNRS to encourage the researcher to continue work that has met with initial success and already produced fruitful results. More information here: and here . I would like to warmly thank all supervisors, colleagues and students for their invaluable contribution to this achievement. Being a researcher is a fascinating (albeit often frustrating!) job and no major success can be achieved without sharing,  learning and discussing with his supervisor, co-workers and friends.

11/01/2017 – Laurent Bouteiller gave a lecture “Supramolecular polymers as tunable and responsive platforms for catalysis”  at ICMS, TU Eindhoven (Netherlands).